Why choose a Pet Sitter

happy dog playing with pet sitterWhen you have to go away and leave your furry family members behind you want the best care for them that is possible. What is better, leaving your pet at a kennel, or leaving your pet with a pet sitter? Cats only need someone to come in once or twice a day, but dogs need multiple visits daily. Still, keeping your pet in your own home is favorable.
tickboxFamiliar Environment
A kennel is not a familiar environment. Being in a kennel can be tremendously stressful for your pet. When you use a pet sitter your pet will feel safe and secure. They will have less anxiety because they are in their own surroundings. They may not even be uneasy that you are gone.
tickboxIndividual Attention
Your pet will get personalized care and individual attention from a hired pet sitter. When your pet is in a kennel one single person is often responsible for caring for multiple pets. If you have a pet sitter come in a few times a day they can spend all the time your pet needs to be comfortable. If you have a dog they can walk him. If you have a cat they can spend time petting and playing with him.
tickboxRegular Diet
Changing your pet’s food, even giving them a new treat can upset his tummy. When you leave your pet with a pet sitter you are guaranteed that they will have their normal diet. You don’t have to worry about them getting into another pet’s food. Your pet sitter can even keep track of how much your pet is eating.
tickboxNo Transportation
You don’t need to take your pet anywhere. The pet sitter comes to your home, so there is no need for a stressful car ride. Some pets love car rides, but others get sick or scared.
tickboxLess Illness
When you take your pet to a kennel, your pet is more likely to get sick from the other pets. Most kennels require that pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations, but stress can cause illness too.
tickboxNo Empty House
When you go away and leave your pet home with a sitter you don’t have to worry about your house looking vacant. Your pet sitter will be in and out of your home. They can turn lights on and off and bring your mail in for you.