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Welcome to the Bones N Belly Rubs pack

Where every pet is treated and loved as if they were our own family. It is our commitment to you that Bones N Belly Rubs will always provide: quality care, respect, trustworthiness, dependability, compassion and a fun & loving companion for your pet. Everyone in our team comes highly recommend, we trust and care for them as part of our family and know that they will preform their duties to the standards that people have come to expect from Bones N Belly Rubs. We all look forward to meeting you & your fur kids!
Sincerely, Jenny & Matt

Hi! My name is Jenny Johnson. I have been an animal lover my entire life and have been lucky enough over the years to have had many furry, feathered, finny and some scaly friends. Currently my pack at home includes: my 3 lovable dogs: Nellie, Rico and Brock, a Russian tortoise I call Ivan Drago, and 6 silly parakeets (Francine, Bill, Jim, Pam, Hank & Peggy).
I started Bones N Belly Rubs in March of 2010 because I could not imagine doing anything else. Throughout my life, I have had experience personally and professionally in animal care. I have been a volunteer & rescuer and I was working in an Animal Hospital when I began dog walking & pet sitting part-time. That was when I found my true calling, it didn’t take long before dog walking was my only “job”. I love to see those waggin’ tails when I walk through the door. It is a true joy. When I moved and settled for good, making Virginia Beach my home in January 2010 I knew I had to continue doing what I loved. When I searched for a professional dog walking company I found none that I would want to work for. This is more than just a business or a job for me, it is my passion. So with that, Bones N Belly Rubs was born!

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GPS Tracking Is a term used in the dog walking industry that refers to your dogs walk being GPS tracked, usually by an app on the walker’s cell phone. The app will also provide proof that someone was physically present at your address. This is excellent insurance that your dog was walked or that your house was visited by the pet sitter.

Text & Photo Updates This is a message or notification that your visit was complete. Bones N Belly Rubs text updates will always contain photos, a map of your location and/or dog walk, a check list and a message about your dogs visit.

Locally Owned and Operated When you hire Bones N belly Rubs know that you are not only supporting a local business but you are going to get the very best personal one on one care. When you need help or to resolve an issue you will speak directly to the owner, the person who cares the most about making you a happy client.

Background Checked This simply means that everybody that performs duties for the company has undergone a criminal background check.

Employees. We only hire employees not independent contractors. What’s the difference?  Independent contractors work for themselves and technically by law can be given very little to no direction from the company on how to perform their duties.  When you hire a pet sitter from a tech app you are not hiring that company, you are hiring the individual. The tech app company is merely collecting a toll and acting as a gateway between you and the individual. It appears you are hiring a reputable nationwide company but really you are hiring John Doe.

On the Job Training After passing a multi level interview process our employees start with our training and policies handbook. Every employee that works for us goes through extensive on the job training and is evaluated before working alone. Employment continues with job performance and behavioral monitoring by either myself, co-owner Matt or one of long time trusted employees. No one is sent in to your home without prior being trained by a staff member that is familiar with your visit and pets. The tech companies never even meet anyone that signs up.

On the Job Monitoring We don’t just train our employees and never see them again. We commit to on going communication, training, team meetings, random check ins, and constant monitoring of our GPS and reports that are sent to our clients.

Meet Our Staff

Matthew Johnson owner Bones N Belly Rubs
Matthew Johnson
Grace M pet sitter at Bones N Belly Rubs
Grace M.
Pet Sitter/Dog Walker
Virginia Beach
Jasmine H pet sitter at Bones N Belly Rubs
Jasmine H.
Pet Sitter/Dog Walker
Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk
Tricia S.
Pet Sitter/Dog Walker
Virginia Beach
Lori R. pet sitter at Bones N Belly Rubs
Lori R.
Pet Sitter/Dog Walker
Virginia Beach
Mia B.
Pet Sitter/Dog Walker
Sabrina L.
Pet Sitter/Dog Walker
Virginia Beach
Keyana B.
Pet Sitter/Dog Walker
Norfolk, Virginia Beach