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Welcome to the Bones N Belly Rubs pack
Where every pet is treated and loved as if they were our own family. It is our commitment to you that Bones N Belly Rubs will always provide: quality care, respect, trustworthiness, dependability, compassion and a fun & loving companion for your pet. Check out our team of awesome animal loving professionals. We look forward to meeting you & your fur kids!
Sincerely, Jenny & Matt
Jenny Johnson
Jenny Johnson owner Bones N Belly Rubs Hi! My name is Jenny Johnson. I have been an animal lover my entire life and have been lucky enough over the years to have had many furry, feathered, finny and some scaly friends. Currently my pack at home includes: my 3 lovable dogs: Nellie, Rico and Brock, a Russian tortoise I call Ivan Drago, a silly little parakeet, Chicken Nugget and my daughter’s feline side-kick, Misery.
I started Bones N Belly Rubs in March of 2010 because I could not imagine doing anything else. Throughout my life, I have had experience personally and professionally in animal care. I have been a volunteer & rescuer and was working in an Animal Hospital when I began dog walking & pet sitting part time. That was when I found my true calling, it didn’t take long before this was my only “job”. I love to see those waggin’ tails when I walk through the door… it is a true joy. When I moved and settled for good, making Virginia Beach my home in January 2010 I knew I had to continue doing what I loved. My search for a professional dog walking company that I would like to work for turned up…zero. This is more than just a business or a job for me, it is my passion…so with that, Bones N Belly Rubs was born!


Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson owner Bones N Belly Rubs Hi, my name is Matthew Johnson, I am from Brisbane, Australia. I love working with animals, back home I owned a pet shop and cared for over 200 reptiles, 2 birds, 3 dogs and lots of fish. Needless to say, I am an animal lover and enjoy the time I get to spend with them. I love meeting and caring for new dogs and am up for whatever challenges arise. I am also a master carpenter and build items and furniture for pets including reptile enclosure, wooden dog beds, cat litter hide boxes, dog ramps and more. Take a look at our Pet Furniture post.


Grace M.
(Pet Care Specialist)
Stacey B pet care specialist Hi my name is Grace. I’ve grown up with BNBR and am happy to be a part of the team. As Jenny’s daughter I have been around animals my entire life. I have experience caring for dogs, cats, and many little pocket pet friends! My furry family at home includes my lovable rescue dog Veda, my cat friends Misery & Lizzy and two playful rats I call Layla & Marley.


Jasmine H.
(Pet Care Specialist)
Jasmine H pet care specialist Oh hey there! My name is Jasmine and I’ve been working for Bones N Belly Rubs since December 2013. Taking care of animals is a passion of mine since I was a kid! All my life I grew up around a variety of animals. Everybody would to tell me my family was housing a zoo. I could never disagree because it was so true. If you name it, we had it. Hey! What can I say, the love for animals runs in the family! Currently, I have two little crazy mutts, a turtle, a ball python, and a crazy cat. So dealing with crazy pups and kitties are nothing new to me. I am especially excited to meet you and your furry family members! I’ll be sure to treat them as if they were my own and of course we would be great friends too! šŸ™‚


Christine M.
(Pet Care Specialist)
Christine M. pet care specialist Hi! My name is Christine and I’ve been married to my hunny since 2003. We have two hilarious boys that constantly make me laugh, and two lovable pit bull mixes who think they are lap dogs. Haha! I have always been a HUGE animal lover and as a little girl I would bring home lost dogs, cats, and even an injured dove who I nursed back to health. Now as an adult that passion to care for animals has lead me to Bones N Belly Rubs where I get to meet and care for all sorts of dogs/pets. My inner 10 year old is in heaven! From the energetic puppy to the shy nervous dog, I love caring for all of them no matter the age, size, or breed! I look forward to meeting your fur babies and giving them the same amount of love and snuggles I give my own.


Tricia S.
(Pet Care Specialist)
Tricia S. pet care specialist Hello, I’m Tricia. I’m a Jersey girl living in a Virginia world. I’ve been working with Bones n Belly Rubs since January 2017 and for the first time in a long time, I can honestly say I love my job! There is nothing more rewarding than doggy cuddles and happy tail wags. I’ve had various animals all my life and currently have a fish, 2 cats and a mini Australian shepherd named Cookie. Life wouldn’t be the same without my fur-kids. Animals are my life and I will treat and love your babies as I do mine. Hugs & wet kisses!


Samantha O.
(Pet Care Specialist)
Samantha O. pet care specialist Hello there, I’m Samantha. I’m originally from Maine where the outdoors and animals were always a big part in my life! I’ve been working with this pack of great people since October, 2016. In the past I’ve worked on many farms and have seen and helped take care of a wide variety of farm animals and house pets. And I love them all the same! I’ve been living in Virginia since 2015 with my husband. We have a husky, Daryl and a German shepherd mix, Diesel. Daryl is just as sassy as you could imagine any husky could get – and I love it! Those wild ones are always the most fun to love! My other pup Diesel is about as lazy and laid back as any dog could ever be! The best of both worlds! I adore them and love them to the fullest. I absolutely love getting to meet and take care of so many great pups – and all animals alike!


Megan G.
(Pet Care Specialist)
Megan G. pet care specialist My name is Megan. I have been all over this great big world due to my husband’s military service and I love it! We met when we were eight years old and life is one big adventure for us. I can’t remember a time I didn’t have an animal in the house. I’ve had rabbits, dogs, cats, a bird, hamsters, and even a python! I cleaned horse stalls as a high schooler and would pet sit for neighbors and friends any time they needed. I love having the great outdoors as my office and your family pets are the best co-workers! I look forward to my job every day and I always treat the animals I care for as if they’re my own.


Tammy S.
(Pet Care Specialist)
Tammy S. pet care specialist Hello, Iā€™m Tammy. I am a lifelong resident of Chesapeake. I am the proud mom of three great kids and one spoiled dog. I love animals of all shapes and sizes, and feel very lucky to be trusted with the care of family pets.


Debbie B.
(Pet Care Specialist)
Debbie B. pet care specialist Hi there, I’m Debbie! I recently moved to Virginia Beach from the Richmond area and I am loving the beach life! I have loved dogs from as far back as I can remember. I grew up in NYC without a family dog and I remember trying to bring home every stray I came across šŸ™‚ I spent the last 5 years in Richmond as a dog walker and pet sitter and I absolutely LOVED what I did. It was a huge part of my life. Finding the love of my life brought me to VB and I was hoping to be able to pursue my doggie passion here. I feel so blessed to have found Jenny and the entire Bones N Belly Rubs team! Filing my days with the love, affection and all the silliness from your fur babies is the best feeling!

Other Pet Care Specialists include:
Catherine B.
Tierra K.