Lola and Scooby

dog laying on bed

I’ve been using Bones N Belly Rubs since Jenny first opened her business here in virginia beach. Not only has she broken into my house when the key wouldn’t work to get my dogs out, but she has also tirelessly dropped things to help get my oldest dog to and from the vets office. I don’t trust many people with my dogs except Jenny and my parents. Jenny and her staff are phenomenal at their job and truly care about the animals. My pups Lola and Scooby adore Jenny and Jasmine get really excited to hear their names. You and your pups won’t be disappointed.

Felicia Rodgers


dog laying in bed

My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the Bones and Belly Rubs team! We always have such peace of mind knowing our dog, Joe, is being taken care of while we’re out of town. Their services are always available when we need them, even on short notice. Joe always plenty of exercise, love, and attention. We always return home with a happy dog!”

Kat K.
Virginia Beach

Wyatt and Rogue

We’ve used Bones n Belly Rubs for a couple of years now to care for our family. (2 dogs and 2 cats) We have always been very picky about who we let watch over our pets, especially our dogs since they are working dogs for FEMA. We have been so pleased with Jenny and her team. Our dogs just love them and look forward to their visits. They always get them out and play ball with them, which is their favorite thing to do and when we come home, we can tell that they are very happy and satisfied. Jenny and her team have always presented themselves professionally in everything they do, and we love that they leave us updates on their visits and how everyone behaved. 🙂 It’s just nice knowing that you have someone dependable coming into your home to take care of your family while your away. I would highly recommend Bones n Belly Rubs for their pet sitting services!”

Jennifer M.
Virginia Beach


dog sitting on sofa

I love Bones N Belly Rubs! I use them for weekday lunchtime visits for my pet. My one year old dog Patsy needed surgery. Since I work full time, I knew it would be a challenge to take care of her after her procedure. So I started using Bones N Belly Rubs. The peace of mind was priceless! Knowing that Patsy was getting her medications, treats, water as well as outdoor breaks while I was at work was very comforting. Everyday when I came home there were notes about the visit, which were important in her care. I loved the services so much, that even after Patsy was recovered, keep using them!! This schedule has helped so much with her disposition. Patsy and I are both very content with Bones N Belly Rubs!”

Gloria H.

Mac and Ginger

guinea pigs

My name is Hannah I am 11 and I have 2 guinea pigs who are like my babies. When my mom and dad told me we would be going to NJ for thanksgiving I was very excited until I realized “who would take care of my babies”? My mom called Bones and Belly Rubs and once I met with Jenny it put my mind at ease. She really listened to me she really seemed to care. When we got home there were notes for me for each day they came out. They took care of them like they were their own. It made it seem like I was right there all along. Of course I will always hate leaving them behind but knowing they are in such great hands sure makes me feel better.”

Hannah F.
Virginia Beach


dog walking in snow

My name is Kelly and my dog Leighla has been a member of the BNBR pack for about five months. My two year old German Shepard/Chow mix loves her dog walking and play dates from Tori and Jenny, and i wouldn’t be able to live without them on my longest days of work as a high school teacher a coach. At the intial consultation, I could tell these ladies really cared about and had a love for all pets, as my roommate’s normally less-friendly cat was crawling around and through Tori’s and jenny’s legs for attention without hesitating to first figure out their new scent. I wish i could afford for the visits to be on a daily basis, but my teacher’s salary and schedule, a once-a-week visit is all Leighla unfortunately gets. If she could play with tori and/or Jenny every day, I know she’d be the happiest dog in the world. I recommend BNBR to care for and give lots of love to your animals as they have done for mine.”

Kelly B.
Virginia Beach


cat and dog sitting

We went from having zero to 4 pets in a year and I researched very carefully who I would entrust their care to. I narrowed it down and contacted Bones and Belly Rubs for an initial interview. Jenny responded immediately and I believe we met with her and coworker, Mandy, within just a few days. They set my mind at ease that day and have been taking care of my pups and kitties since. I love how they leave little notes after each visit letting me know what the animals did and what their mood was like. These are great to come home to. Jenny is also very flexible with her schedule and has been great about fitting in dog walks for me at the last minute, which I greatly appreciate. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bones and Belly Rubs. The peace of mind in knowing my animals are being active, entertained and well-cared for while I my family is away from home is priceless”

Kim G.
Virginia Beach


dog playing ball with pet sitter

My name is Gus and I am a very happy pup since my Mom got me dog walking and playtime services from Bones N Belly Rubs. Mandi and Kim, my playmates, take me for good walks and keep me engaged during playtime to get rid of all my energy. When my tummy feels bad (I have a sensitive stomach) they take extra care to make sure I feel good. They even clean up my messes so I won’t get in trouble when Mom comes home. They are my best friends and I wish they could come every day. All the other dogs in the neighborhood are jealous they look out their windows and see me trotting along instead of being cooped up like they are. I highly recommend these folks to take care of you while your parents are at work or away for vacation. Mom, who is really hard to please, is extremely satisfied with the exceptional service. I give this company two paws up, several wags and one great big WOOF!”Snuffle-up-a-“Gus”

Sarah A.
Virginia Beach

Elvis Skippy and Minnie

dogs sitting on porch

Just wanted to thank the Bones and Belly Rubs Team who lovingly cared for my 3 rat terriers over a Christmas vacation. My dogs were happy and well cared for when I returned. They obviously had been played with after dinner because as soon as they ate, the ran to where there toys are for me to get them out. It was also so nice to read the detailed notes written about my pups from each person who visited my dogs each day. If I were to give them a grade, it would be an A+++! I’m already planning to have them sit my dogs when I have another trip out of town. Thank you Bones & Belly Rubs!”

Susan H.
Virginia Beach


Dog sitting for camera

I am very selective when it comes to anyone taking care of my dog. When I went out of town for a week, I was very worried about who would take care of my dog since I couldn’t take her with me, and boarding her in a kennel wasn’t option I am interested in. My concerns were alleviated when I met Jenny. She and Saskia got along great! And I definitely felt comfortable both with her caring for Saskia, and with her coming into my house while I was gone. I will definitely use Bones N Belly Rubs next time my travel plans are not dog-friendly. The staff’s obvious love of mutts and so called “bully breeds” is also a big plus for me.

Jessica K.
Virginia Beach

Bucky, Lulu & Harper

bulldogs pet sitting

First of all, let me start off by saying that I don’t trust my dogs with just anyone. All three of them are high maintenance. I have two that are on raw diets, have allergies, need medication and that are also quite stubborn I also have one that just turned 17 yrs old and is deaf, blind and has dementia. You can only imagine what all that entails. We usually would plan trips around when and if a family member could watch them. When we had a Christmas trip planned, and no one was available, I started interviewing pet sitters. I came close to cancelling my trip, but then I met with Jenny from Bones N Belly Rubs. As soon as she walked in, it was like she had known them forever. My dogs loved her. She didn’t blink an eye at their diet, medications, or age issues, and I was sold. Jenny and her team did a wonderful job of taking care of my “kids”. She also brought my mail and paper in and had everything organized upon our return. Upon our return, the pups ran to the window several times to look for her at the scheduled times and even sat and watched the door at bedtime. I was so happy that they loved Jenny and her team. I immediately booked her again for our next trip in the spring. I even feel like we can do spur of the moment getaways and feel confident the pups are in great hands! Thank you Jenny – and Bones N Belly Rubs – you are the best!!”

Sandy R.
Virginia Beach


dog playing ball with dog walker

Only the best for you and your dog… Do you know the happy feeling of “Yeahhh- going away for the weekend or for a long vacation?!”, and realize….what to do about our dog? Do we bring her, put her in kennel or should we leave her at home? Our 2 year old Bull Terrier, Tikva did not have an easy start in life. We were her 4th family even before she was 7 months old, so having her cared for in her own known, safe environment was a must for us. Our wonderful and very professional dog trainer recommended Bones N Belly Rubs, whom she had used for her own dogs. Now we are returning clients to Bones N Belly Rubs 2-3 times a year. Tikva loves the dog sitters, our neighbors report back and we have confidence in Jenny’s relaxed but highly qualified way of making sure that dog sitters and dogs are carefully matched. From the daily notes from the sitters we can monitor the visits and know our instructions have been followed. Even though we would like to take Tikva with us, it is not always possible, we are confident that is works best for Tikva to stay home when we are gone. Is it expensive? Well a holiday is rarely free, but the service we have got from Bones N Belly Rubs, has been worth every penny. Last but not least- Jenny is very flexible, so if our travel plans change or are delayed- or weather conditions get crazy- she is always very careful to make sure that our dog is in good hands and it is arranged to our satisfaction in no time. Bones N Belly Rubs is a strong team of committed dog loving people whom we feel we can count on, therefore we only give our best recommendations.”

Anne W.


dog dressed in hat

I can’t say enough about the care Bones N Belly Rubs provides to my dog Lucy. I’ve been with them going on one year and couldn’t be happier! I would strongly recommend their services to anyone who adores their animal. Listed below are a few reasons I strongly endorse the services provided by the caring staff at Bones N Belly Rubs! First, they know Lucy. Her likes, dislikes, quirks, habits, behaviors, etc. How do I know??? They leave me detailed messages or their visits! Actually, I look forward to the notes when I get home to see what Lucy and Hannah (her walker) have done. I know the notes/reports are genuine by the fact that the behaviors she describes are the same ones Lucy does with me when I walk her. Additionally, my neighbors consistently compliment my walkers. How friendly they are and how they always seem to have fun with Lucy. Second, they are reliable I work 10-12 hours a day and they come every day scheduled at the time promised. And they have never cancelled on me! They’re also available on short notice; which is extremely convenient. Third, they making paying easy. I can use PayPal or send a check. I receive invoices after any change in service that allows me to know exactly how many services I have left or when it is time to make a payment. Lastly, Communication is Key! I can email, text or call. Jenny is easy to contact and quick to respond to messages. Customer service is clearly important and I am consistently satisfied with the services provided. Again, I can’t say enough positive things about Bones N Belly Rubs! If you find yourself in need of assistance caring for your pets, you can feel confident with the staff at Bones N Belly Rubs!”

Natalie E.

Maxine, Charlee, Maree & Scooby

We love Jenny & her crew. We’ve used them for several years, for weekly dog walking (and we have two over 100lbs and a 65lb husky – all girls) and when we go out of town. BNBR makes me feel safe because they will make the house look like some one is home.

Caron & Jim Sanson
Virginia Beach
Average Rating: 5.9 stars (based on 14 ratings)

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