Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe and Warm during Winter

Brrr..Baby its cold outside!Winter is upon us and all though most of us here in Virginia Beach aren’t looking for snowy days, they happen. Some dogs may be made for the cold, but others prefer the warmth of their human’s bed. Dogs are very much a part of our family and we want to protect … Read more

Dealing With Dog Anxiety

It is not uncommon for dogs to experience anxiety. Anxiety in dogs can cause a myriad of unwanted behaviors. It can cause self-mutilation, aggression and it can even cause your dog to have accidents in the house. Dogs can have anxiety from a variety of things. Some are scared of loud noises, some are scared … Read more

Why won’t my dog eat?

You think it is hard feeding a picky child? Try feeding a picky dog! Some dogs will turn their snout up to the most expensive and appetizing dog foods. So, what do you do when you Fido won’t feast? Don’t despair, there are plenty of ways to spark your pooch’s appetite. When it comes to … Read more

Hot Weather Tips for your Dog

Five Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in The Summer When the dog days of summer set in what you do with your furry family members can be critical to their health. Warm weather can be particularly bothersome to dogs because their furry coats hold in the heat. Plus, dog don’t have sweat glands distributed … Read more