Dealing With Dog Anxiety

It is not uncommon for dogs to experience anxiety. Anxiety in dogs can cause a myriad of unwanted behaviors. It can cause self-mutilation, aggression and it can even cause your dog to have accidents in the house. Dogs can have anxiety from a variety of things. Some are scared of loud noises, some are scared to be alone and others have more specific fears. Try some of the following to combat your dogs anxiety.

Pet Sitter
Avoid leaving your pet alone for long stretches of time. If you can’t get home often hire a pet sitter. A dog walker can help break up your pet’s day, which will help ease anxiety. If you are going to be gone for a long stretch of time have a pet sitter come in mid-way through the day.
Get Moving
Make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise. Exercise can help combat anxiety. Taking your dog for long walk can help ease anxiety in your dog. If you don’t have time to walk your dog, hire a dog walker to make sure your dog gets an adequate amount of exercise.
Counter conditioning
Counter conditioning can help reduce anxiety in dogs. Counter conditioning is a form of treatment that changes your dog’s fearful anxious or aggressive reaction to a pleasant relaxed one instead. To do it you attempt to associate something that causes the dog fear with something good. Over time the dog will learn that what he fears can men good things for him. An example of this would be to give him treat every time you leave. Or give your dog a special toy every time you leave the house. The dog can only have the toy when you are not home.
If you dog has severe anxiety you may consider putting your dog on medication for his problem. There are variety of medications you can use to ease your dog’s anxiety. This is something you need to discuss with your dog’s vet. You can also try a supplement. Prozac is one medication your vet can prescribe for your anxious dog.
When your dog is anxious it can help to cuddle him and give him some attention. The feeling of being held can help ease a dog’s anxiety. This is why something like the Thunder shirt will help when your dog has anxiety and you are unable to hold him because you are busy or not at home. The Thunder shirt wraps around your dog’s core and helps him feel secure.