Why won’t my dog eat?


You think it is hard feeding a picky child? Try feeding a picky dog! Some dogs will turn their snout up to the most expensive and appetizing dog foods. So, what do you do when you Fido won’t feast? Don’t despair, there are plenty of ways to spark your pooch’s appetite.
When it comes to eating there are two different types of dogs. Type one lives to eat. This kind will eat any kind of food you give him. Type two eats to live. They pick and choose what they eat and often take longer to finish their meals if they finish them at all.
Stop Scraping
If you are feeding your dog table scraps chances are good he is going to turn his snout up to ordinary kibble. It can be hard to resist giving your dog food from your plate, but if you want him to eat his own food you have to stop feeding him yours. Your dog would exist on table scraps alone if he could.
Stay on Schedule
You want to feed a puppy two to three times daily. You want to feed an adult dog once or twice day. As you decrease the number of feedings you want to increase the amount of food you feed your dog. Only leave your dog’s food out for a short period of time. Measure your food out. Generally, you should feed your dog one cup of kibble for every 10 pounds of weight. Consistency is the key to successfully feeding your dog.
Mix it Up
If you are going to give your dog people food pick healthy food. Lean meats and veggies are a good pick. Mix the healthy people food with your dog’s kibble. If you are having trouble getting your dog to eat mixing in healthy people food may just be the key to sparking his appetite.
Wean Him Off
If your dog eats a lot of people food you will need to wean him off it if you expect him to eat dog food. Gradually lessen the amount of people food you mix with your dog food. After a while you will exclusively feed your dog kibble or wet food.