Bucky, Lulu & Harper
bulldogs pet sitting

First of all, let me start off by saying that I don’t trust my dogs with just anyone. All three of them are high maintenance. I have two that are on raw diets, have allergies, need medication and that are also quite stubborn I also have one that just turned 17 yrs old and is deaf, blind and has dementia. You can only imagine what all that entails. We usually would plan trips around when and if a family member could watch them. When we had a Christmas trip planned, and no one was available, I started interviewing pet sitters. I came close to cancelling my trip, but then I met with Jenny from Bones N Belly Rubs. As soon as she walked in, it was like she had known them forever. My dogs loved her. She didn’t blink an eye at their diet, medications, or age issues, and I was sold. Jenny and her team did a wonderful job of taking care of my “kids”. She also brought my mail and paper in and had everything organized upon our return. Upon our return, the pups ran to the window several times to look for her at the scheduled times and even sat and watched the door at bedtime. I was so happy that they loved Jenny and her team. I immediately booked her again for our next trip in the spring. I even feel like we can do spur of the moment getaways and feel confident the pups are in great hands! Thank you Jenny – and Bones N Belly Rubs – you are the best!!”

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