dog walking in snow

My name is Kelly and my dog Leighla has been a member of the BNBR pack for about five months. My two year old German Shepard/Chow mix loves her dog walking and play dates from Tori and Jenny, and i wouldn’t be able to live without them on my longest days of work as a high school teacher a coach. At the intial consultation, I could tell these ladies really cared about and had a love for all pets, as my roommate’s normally less-friendly cat was crawling around and through Tori’s and jenny’s legs for attention without hesitating to first figure out their new scent. I wish i could afford for the visits to be on a daily basis, but my teacher’s salary and schedule, a once-a-week visit is all Leighla unfortunately gets. If she could play with tori and/or Jenny every day, I know she’d be the happiest dog in the world. I recommend BNBR to care for and give lots of love to your animals as they have done for mine.”

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