Pet Furniture

brock in dog bed

I have been building pet furniture for over 18 years. I have designed and built fish tank stands, dog kennels/beds and reptile enclosures/cages. For 6 years I owned and operated a business that I started called ‘Custom Reptile Enclosures” in Australia and have built and sold well over 600 homes for reptiles including several displays for reptile shops, zoos and childcare centers. I am now proud to offer my collection of reptile enclosures and my new line of dog beds to the USA.
Matthew Johnson


custom reptile enclosures

Furniture for your pets, custom reptile enclosures, wooden dog beds, cat litter hide boxes and more. We can custom design your new pets home or bed to fit where you want it and look how you want it.
More photos and information coming soon. Contact me with any enquiries you may have.