Pet Camera Rentals

Next time you leave your pets in our care know that they are being cared for by our professional team of pet sitters. We offer pet camera rentals so you can not only have access to watch your pet when ever you like from where ever you are. But you can monitor our pet sitting team in your home as well.

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BNBR Pet Cameras Include:

dog walking tick box24/7 live video streaming on your phone.
dog walking tick boxMotion censored text update and picture capture.
dog walking tick boxNight vision cam to see in the dark.
dog walking tick boxSound compatibility so you can talk and listen to your pets.

What you will need.

A good WiFi signal and a password for us to use in your home.
A working smartphone that can download our app for notifications and monitoring

How does it work?

After agreeing to our rental agreement, before the first day of your service one of our team will install the camera in your home. (You must be present with the smart phone you wish to use for monitoring for this setup process) The camera is then in your control, you can monitor it whenever you like. They are also motion censored, this allows you to receive a photo and text message when someone moves in front of the camera. The camera will be removed on the last day of service and the password changed.

How much does it cost?

Setup fee $10.00.
1-3 days $7.00 per day.
4-5 days $5.00 per day.
6 + days $4.00 per day.

Contact Us For More Information

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