Choose a Pet Sitting Company not a profile

Are you aware that pet sitting sites and apps like Rover, Care and Wag are just a place where anyone looking to make some extra money can list a profile of themselves. The old saying “you get what you pay for” rings true on these sites. These sites and the people listing on them are not local businesses nor professionals in the industry. The sites are only out to make money off the people listing on them. Although some of the people that list on them may be animal lovers you really are just rolling the dice with your pet’s care.

Lawsuits, countless bad reviews and complaints

All of these sites have had lawsuits and/or complaints filed against them for the mistreatment of animals and homes that were put into the care of the people listing on them. Read the latest horror story And so long as these sites continue to make money, the law suits and complaints will continue.

Read the Better Business Bureau Reviews and complaints against :

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Why so many bad reviews and complaints?

Despite the claim that they vet, screen and background check everyone on the site, too many fall through the cracks. No representative of the site personally knows nor has ever met everyone listed on them. Just because someone does not have a criminal record does not mean that they are fit for pet sitting. The claim that their sitters are certified simply means that they answered an online questionnaire, not that they have had any training or experience in the field.

Lost dogs, no one showing up, parties in your home, bringing friends and other dogs with them.
Do you really want to be the next pet sitting horror story on the news?

Most of the people listing on these sites want to schedule your pet’s care around their schedule not yours, they have no backup plan in case of an emergency like a family death, car problems, illness or self-injury leaving you and your pet without care in the middle of your work day or vacation. Even if you find a great pet sitter on these sites. Are they going to be available every time you need service? Or will you have to go through the whole process again?

Hire a professional company

Being a professional pet sitting company requires dedication, reliability, ongoing education of its pet sitters and an attitude that your pet will be cared for no matter what happens.

Whether you hire Bones N Belly Rubs or another local pet sitting company we want you to be aware and informed so that you can make the safest and wisest choice for your pet’s care.

You will find that a professional company offers everything and more that sites like Rover, Care and Wag offer. The only thing that you won’t find that the Wag app offers is an “instant dog walker”. No professional in their right mind would enter a house they have never been into, nor walk or care for a dog they have never met. No disrespect is intended to anyone that lists on these sites, I am sure there are lots of good people on them and if your a gambling person you are bound to find one.

The proof is in the terms and conditions

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rover terms
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