A Beagle Tale


Hi, they call me Max and imma Beagle! Lemme tell you about how my day went! First off, I woke up as soon as the big shiny ball came up in the sky. My tummy was talking so I ran straight to my mom. Mom, mom! Can I have food? (Arf, arf!) “Not now, sweetie.” She was talking to that box in her paw again. Not now? But my tummy is talking! Fine, I’ll just go get it myself.

So I walk over to my big stash of food, then I found out that I can’t reach the top. That’s okay I’ll just make another hole that I can reach! I used my teeth’s to make the hole and out came all of my food. Wow, I never get this much, I can lay in it! Ah so much food, this is so yummy. Oh hi mom! Isn’t this great? (Ruff!)

“Max, no! Bad boy.” No mom, not bad, this is great! Wait why are you picking me up? She took me to the outside and whoa, that ball in the sky was so bright. Oh, it’s that feather thing in my grass again! I ran super fast to go play with it, but I don’t know why it always flies away. Hey, feather thing, you know I can’t fly, get back down here and play with me! (Arf, arf, arf!)
Why won’t he come down? He’s no fun. Time to see how fast I can run! (Splash!) Whoa, this brown stuff is so squishy! (Splash, splash!) This is the most fun I’ve ever had! Uh oh, I can’t see, maybe I’ll just rub my face on the grass. “Max!” Oh, it’s my mom! She’s calling for me! I’m coming mom! (Ruff!) “Oh no, Max. Why are you in the mud?” She’s picking me up again.

Look at me mom, I’m so squishy! “It’s time for you to take a bath, mister” Bath. Bath! No anything but that! And she placed me in the big bowl with the water and shiny ball things. Ugh, I hate the water and the ball things, they smell funny. Why do you want to take away my brown squishiness? That was fun and this is not. Now she has this big fluffy thing in my face.
This is mine now, so I take it in my mouth and run super fast! I fell over my paws, but I’m okay! Then I realized, I still have that water on me! So I pressed my face on the furry ground and walked in circles. That feels much better. Hey where did my big fluffy thing go? Wait, my ball is rolling all by itself! I can catch it!

Here I go and gotcha! Nom, nom, it’s so tasty. “Hey buddy whatcha got there?” It’s my dad! Hey, he’s got my ball. “You wanna play?” Of course I wanna play, look my tail is wagging! (Grr…arf!) He throws my ball and I go get it. But he can’t have it! “Max, you’re supposed to bring it back. I’m gonna get you!” You can’t catch me, ah you caught me! No fair my running sticks aren’t as big as yours. I bet if I lick your face you’ll let me go!

“Ha ha ha, I love you too buddy” I don’t think you get it dad, but that’s okay. You like to roll in the brown squishy stuff with me, you’re more fun than mom. “C’mon let’s go chill on the couch.” Your running sticks are so comfy. Oh, there’s mom again. Ah, her claws feel great behind my head floppies. I think I’m just going to close my eyes real quick. You guys are my favorite humans.